Rabu, 10 Agustus 2016

Ready for AMERTA 2016?

       Alright, it’s 10th August, eight more days to our big event: AMERTA Unair 2016! It’s been a while since I signed up Amerta as a photographer of the event, but ended up being a PK’s staff (pembimbing kelompok a.k.a tutors). Damn, how can I ended up in here? My skill is in photograph, said me to myself at the time. Being PK’s staff is unpredictable, and annoying at first, because it’s not what I want. I felt like stay in a strange planet on the middle of nowhere. And it’s the very first time I took a job as a PK’s staff and I don’t know what to do.
       But, time passed and now I’m enjoy with my position. It’s a chance to getting out of comfort zone. I spent almost whole of my life to being photographer or videographer, and now I’m out of my comfort zone. I met so many people, including PK’s staff itselves, which has more than one hundred members, the freshmen (a.k.a MABA/mahasiswa baru), another staffs in Amerta PPKMB Unair, a lot of new people. It’s challenging, you know.

        I don’t know why, but I’m just too lazy to interact with another staffs. I know, I shouldn’t build a high wall (like always) and introduce myself to them. Forgive my attitudes. I don’t know anyone else, I don’t remember their faces and names. But, I’m going along fine with my team on Garuda 5. The only thing that ALWAYS makes me happy is when all of staffs in Amerta doing flashmob and dancing with “Jingle Amerta” plays as a backsound. It’s refreshing, funny, with some cool moves. And I love it because I can sing (despite my poor vocals, I always love singing). I also love the time when we all sing together with the songs “Indonesia Raya” and "Hymne Airlangga". It’s the only thing that make me happy.
       Sadly, I can’t come on the first day of “Pengukuhan Mahasiswa” in 18th August, because in that time, I still on Probolinggo. I wish I could join the flashmob, I love singing and dancing, especially in front of the freshmen. They will amaze. Something that they will never forget. They will proud. They will very happy to see all parts of Airlangga University are glad to having them, being part of big family. It will create a new perfect memory for the rest of my life. Sure, it’s a really worthy. 
        And it’s even more worthy than money.
        It’s called experience. 

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