Rabu, 12 Juli 2017

I Gently Put My Love Down

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As a normal human being, love is something you can’t control. It’s unpredictable. It could happen to everyone. You can fall in love with someone you will never expected before, with a lot of reason (or no reason at all, it depends). You can fall easily because someone’s physical appearance, from the way they treat you or from how many times you spend time together with them. It works in a very mysterious way.

For the 20 years in my life, of course I’ve been experience a lot of love. But, I failed in most of time. I failed not because I treat my partner wrong, but because (almost) nobody is stay with me. You know, it’s just platonic love and something never happen. Most of them are just simply crush and easy to forget, some of them are love, but I’ve been in love deeply with someone. And... I’ve been told him that I loved him in a text, last 2014. And, again, ironically, I failed.

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