Kamis, 17 September 2015

Words I Couldn’t Say

Did you ever had a experience like I did?
            You want to being close with someone. A man. Let say you like him. Talk with him, laugh at every single thing, reveals one-another secret, deep talk or something to state how close you and him. But you had no chance to getting into his life. What would you say? What would you do?

            This is what happen to me right now. Actually, in a past, we (I and that-guy) have been together by one activity that we were both like it. That activity is the only medium/chance for us to meet. But, I left that activity for a reason. After that, I had no chance to getting know him better anymore.
            Reason why I adore that guy is simple. He has a responsibility and strong character. Tough guy. I’m impressed, I like him, then. I’ve never seen a tough guy like him before. And he has been helped me for something I can’t do. Beside that tough character, he has a warmness, and of course, caring traits. He also thypical of changer person. Even I know he’s kind of serious person, he would never let hisself stuck to something for the rest of his life. He need a change, and he did something for that. I know it. It’s really impulse for liking someone, right? Or it’s reasonable?
            But, I didn’t know why I like him until now. Even I’m trying to jumping around random guy, one by one, I didn’t even know why in some situation something remind me with him. Thanks for the memories. Like I have one problems and need to resolve. It’s like something I’m not finished done.
But it didn't mean I had a strong feeling to him. I only want to being close with him.

            Do I need to say? In an explicit way, course I’m not gonna doing that! But, I had an idea for make he knows. Yeah, really brilliant idea.

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