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When The Sky Turns Black [FICTION SERIES]

"Please, take me somewhere, away from here..."
 Someone left handwriting in a small size, under my notebook. It's a thin one, a little bit italic, written with pen. Seems like I know who did this. And I know exactly where to find her.

I walked out from my cubicle. The article not yet finish, I know, I really aware that my editor would be mad at me. But that's not important for me, at least right now.

I need to find her.

As I expected, she is there. Under the brightest umbrella, in the corner. She stares at the sky, with a cup of coffee on her hands. She holds it so tight like she want to feel the warmness from the hot water, boiling in her coffee. She just stares on the sky with a million questions on her head. And I don't want to interrupt her time.

Suddenly, the rain falling down from the sky. Now, it's time for me to walking closer.

"Hey, Alicia," I said. "It's cold here. Please move in, let's talk inside."

She answered with silence.

"Alicia..." I said in a softer voice.

She just nods her head without looking straight to my eyes. Then, we walked inside and sat down on the navy blue sofa.

"What happened?" What a silly question. As her longtime best friend, I know exactly what's on her mind when she showed strange behavior like this. It must be about the one she loved, correct, the one she always loved: Sybil.

"Is it about...?"

She laughs. "Of course. Who else?"

"I thought you already forget him."

"It's not easy," she said. "Things went down so quickly."

And she told me the same story about how bad Sybil treated her. And I'm here, give my ears and shoulder for her, for about the million times. I don't want you get hurt, Alicia, I whispered to myself.

If I could kill him, I would do that from the beginning.


It's been a long time since the last time he called me.

19 days.

That's not just the number. It's the time when I suffered, wait for the notification from him. Day by day passed like being in a limbo, a dark place for those who died. In limbo, I didn't burn just like in a hell, I just wandering around without knowing how to escape.

I trapped in a pain that kills me slowly. And I don't know how to save myself.

Let me introduce the source of my pain: Sybil. 23 years old male I'm madly in love with. If you remember, there's a trashy joke that said: There's only two type of male, a bastard or homo.

Sybil is the first type.

I know, I know it's a huge mistake to fall in love with him. A lot of friends already warned me but I act like I don't care with people opinion. "I'm happy with him. Mind your own business!" I said, multiple times to those who warned me.
The truth is, I am not that happy.

I looked at the window, beside my cubicle. The sky is so grey. Dark clouds filled up every space up there. It's getting rain.

What Sybil's do in this time? Is he going to think about me? I whispered to myself. Will he called me tonight?

Nope, he's not going to do that, I stopped myself. He will let me suffer until I already gave up, and then he came again like things never happened before. That was the circle I've been through.

I stared at the sky with dead-eyes. No tears, I'm too tired for doing that. I'm no longer interested with anything, except about him and big question about our relationship.

What am I in your life, Sybil? We've been together for about two years and you're still abandoned me. Left me for so many days without notification about where you are. I think, I'm not your first priority. Am I right? What am I?

Tired for overthinking, I walked to the pantry. I'm going to make myself a hot coffee this afternoon. The smells of the coffee always bring a good mood to me. I hope it could wiped away the stormy feelings in my head.

While walking, I passed my bestfriend's desk. Gerald. It's empty. I know Gerald still had a meeting with his team, discuss about the news they're going to investigate and will be back in 20 minutes.

Nothing's there. Not even his laptop. But he left his notebook opened on his desk. And a pen. Impulsively, I grab them and write something on it.

I really need somebody to talk. I need a hand to pull me up from the ocean. And Gerald is one of great listener I've ever know.


"Where are we going?"

That confused voice coming from Alicia mouth. While put the seat belt across her waist, she still look at me. Trying to find the answer.

"You will see." I said in a mysterious tone, adds a little naughty smile in my lips. I put the key on the car, start the machine.

"Come on, Geraaaaald!" She starts giggling, then hit me softly on my shoulder. Seems like the coffee she drank brings good effect to her mood. "The last time you did this, you brought me to the spider community gathering in the Sky Mall. You know how much I hated that disgusting animal."

"Yeah, and I still remember you screamed in a very high pitched. You made all the mall visitors looked at you," I said, can't stop myself from laughing. The car starts move out from the parking lot.

"They thought I was a victim of crime, you silly!" Alicia hit me again in shoulder, this time a little bit hard.

"Well, you still have another option. You can run or walk away, or maybe simply close your eyes, instead of screaming, right?"

"But I wore wedges and skirt in that time, dumbass," she said. "And I was really panic when looked at the giant spider sneak out from the terrarium, so I lost control."

"Still not a logical reason. There are ten meters space between you and the spider. It would never harms you."

"Logic and fear would never be great companion. You can't match those two in one line together. Once you fear to something, you will lose your mind."

"So do the love." I said in a warm tone. "Once you fell in love to someone, you will afraid to lose it. You'll be afraid that someday they're gone from your life. And you will do anything to make them stay."

"Gerald, please. Don't make my mood turns grey again." she said in a bitter voice. "I'm trying to forget my problems with him."

"Alright," I said. "Don't worry Alicia, I won't trade our safety with danger. I will keep we both alive tonight, I promise."

"Good boy." Alicia waves a smile. "So, where are we? Can you tell me? Or you just want to keep it secret?"

"Just wait and see. You will know. The place that makes you very happy."

Nobody talks for a while. In the roads, we are focus to our own minds. But in the silence, I know she's happy and I'm grateful being the one who made it.

The rain starts falling down from the sky. The atmosphere between us still quiet, we are still busy with our minds. From the side of my eyes, I looked at her, for the thousands time.

I will do anything for you, Alicia.

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